Enjoy African-Inspired Leggings for Comfort and Style

The Most Important Wish for 2020 and beyond!

Phanydesigns AdminJan 7, '20

2019 is gone and wishes for the new year 2020 are pouring in from left and right. The believers in vision boards already have their boards up! We wish for successful businesses, job promotions, financial breakthroughs, and... good health! Oh wait, did I say good health?

Colorful Leggings for the Plus Size Woman

Phanydesigns AdminAug 14, '19

Fashion may not be one-size-fits-all, but that does not mean plus size women need to be left out of exploring and enjoying their unique sense of style. Phany's celebrates all sizes and shapes with our colorful and fun selection of plus size leggings in a variety of African-themed designs.

Get Ready For the Beach With an African Flair + Pay in 4 installments!

Som KpanteAug 14, '19

Make any day at the beach special with a collection of bright and stylish clothing and accessories from Phany's. Step beyond every day when you choose products inspired by African traditional patterns and fabrics that have been created and used for generations. We offer a large selection of kente cloth and mud cloth inspired designs that consumed any excursion to the sun, surf, and sand.

Show Your Style With Kente or Mudcloth Pattern Men's Shorts

Phanydesigns AdminAug 14, '19

Says only women get intricate patterns and bright colors for their summer fashion? Phany's carries a luxury line of African-inspired shorts suitable for a day at the beach, relaxing at home, going for a jog, or enjoying a casual social hang out with friends. All eight exciting patterns come in sizes XS to 3XL to suit a wide range of men who love the kente cloth and mud cloth styles.

Choose Reversible Bikinis to Express Your Unique Style

Som KpanteAug 14, '19

Are you ready to hit the beach or visit the pool without compromising your unique style? Forget plain black bikinis or tropical print bathing suits that look like every other person on the sand and in the water. Explore your own sense of fashion and culture with one of Phany's attractive and comfortable African-inspired bikinis.