Choose Reversible Bikinis to Express Your Unique Style

Choose Reversible Bikinis to Express Your Unique Style

Som KpanteAug 14, '19


Are you ready to hit the beach or visit the pool without compromising your unique style? Forget plain black bikinis or tropical print bathing suits that look like every other person on the sand and in the water. Explore your own sense of fashion and culture with one of Phany's attractive and comfortable African-inspired bikinis.

Every bikini in our fashion line gives you a fun and sexy silhouette with the brightest and most beautiful fabric patterns around. They are hand sewn from chlorine-resistant cloth and feature secure ties and trim in your choice of black or white.


What truly makes our two-piece swimsuits exceptional, however, is the amazing selection of kente cloth and mud cloth inspired designs. You will stand out for all the right reasons when you lounge by the side of the pool, sun yourself at the beach, or frolic and play in the water.


Enjoy Cultural Significance In the Sun


The Phany's line of bikini bathing suits take inspiration from both kente cloth and mud cloth which originated respectively from Ghana and Mali in West Africa and have traveled through generations. Now, everyone can enjoy the unique colors and patterns steeped in traditional meaning and inspiration.

The Diamond bikini pattern features a neutral palette of black, white, and brown. Unique shapes and colors chosen represent purity, festivity, stability, dependability, and maturity. No matter what your age, it just looks great.

The Life bikini offers a more detailed diamond pattern with much brighter colors frequently seen on swimsuits. The pink and purple mixed with red and yellow to reveal the beauty, femininity, and power of the beautiful woman who wears it.

The Inhale bikini takes its unique black and white patterns from mud cloth designs found in traditional Malian cultures. They are quite popular for home decorating and fashion around the world. The interesting combination of the two colors indicates both purity and maturity at the same time.

Other patterns with their own unique colors, shapes, and meanings are also available on the Phany's clothing line website. We offer a wide range of sizes from XS to 3XL.

No matter what African-style fabric pattern you choose, you get a high quality, hand sewn bikini with adjustable ties so you can fit your body beautifully. It offers sufficient support of top and cheeky coverage on the bottom. Best of all, the fabric resists damaged by chlorine and saltwater and offers fully reversible options.

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