Colorful Leggings for the Plus Size Woman

Colorful Leggings for the Plus Size Woman

Phanydesigns AdminAug 14, '19

Fashion may not be one-size-fits-all, but that does not mean plus size women need to be left out of exploring and enjoying their unique sense of style. Phany's celebrates all sizes and shapes with our colorful and fun selection of plus size leggings in a variety of African-themed designs.

Ultimate Comfort For You

Before talking about the amazing colors and patterns used to create these kente cloth and mud cloth inspired pieces, take a moment to understand why these will be the most comfortable leggings you have ever worn in your life. Each pair is hand sewn from the perfect combination of polyester and spandex. This, combined with the non-binding elastic waistband, means that the leggings will fit your body smoothly no matter what size you wear.

The unique fabric choice allows for a highly comfortable and flattering four-way stretch that never binds, stretches out of shape, or prevents a smoother silhouette. We offer sizes 2XL to 6XL.


Express Your Original Self


Too many plus size women choose black for leggings or any other piece of clothing in an attempt to hide themselves. We say express yourself instead!

The vibrant and eye-catching patterns of these African-inspired leggings help you show off your true sense of style and confidence. Whether you wear them on an evening walk, while relaxing at home, or as part of a stylish outfit, you always know you are making a statement.


Each pattern of kente cloth harkens back to traditional African patterns from Ghana. Originally worn by royalty, today anyone can enjoy the stunning stripes and diamonds in a variety of bright colors. Best of all, each shade has a meaning that goes far beyond simple style.

Show off your Grace with plus size leggings in bright pinks and white. They symbolize beauty and love. Perhaps you would rather stay in Balance and focus on stability and harmony in cool blues. The traditional red, black, gold, and green of the Strength plus size leggings will make you feel energy and power when you wear them. You can also enjoy the unique black-and-white style of mud cloth-inspired luxury leggings.

When you go out for a jog or a shopping trip, you need a convenient way to carry your keys and wallet, too. Consider a matching polyester fanny pack with comfortable, adjustable straps, and secure zipper closure.

No matter what size you wear, Phany's fashion want to outfit you in a truly unique experience. You get incredibly comfortable and luxurious leggings with patterns and colors inspired by the most beautiful African designs ever made.

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