Enjoy African-Inspired Leggings for Comfort and Style

Enjoy African-Inspired Leggings for Comfort and Style

Phanydesigns AdminAug 13, '19

Women who enjoy a vast variety of clothing all seem to gravitate toward writings these days for comfort and style. Once you find your favorite pair, you may want to wear them at home and out at all times. They are perfect for exercise, shopping, casual social excursions, and even as part of a fashionable outfit when paired with the best top and shoes.

Why settle for boring black or uninspired patterns that do not excite your own unique sense of style? Phany's offers a considerable selection of African-inspired leggings  and Plus-size leggings in multiple colors and patterns reimagined from kente cloth originally created in Ghana, West Africa and bogolan or mudcloth, originally designed in Mali.

The Beauty of Kente and Bogolan Cloth Patterns

Kente cloth came from Ghana, West Africa, many years ago, but it continues to delight people from all nations with its unique and meaningful style. The Bogolan from Mali, still in West Africa, has an important place in traditional Malian culture. The colors and shapes represented on our leggings and other products are more than stylistic choices. Every pattern and shade tells the story that reaches back through time to the origins of African ancestors.

Consider the Essence leggings with the bolt pattern of green, yellow, bright pink, and maroon. Together, the lines and color blocks tell a story of femininity, beauty, healing, and growth. The Life leggings in red, pink, purple, and yellow and body the essences of womanly power, sacrifice, wealth, and beauty. What could be more inspiring on your morning run or while enjoying a relaxing evening at home than comfortable leggings that tell so much about you?

Whether you simply enjoy the patterns and bright colors or truly seek to understand the cultural aspects that go into the creation of the leggings and other articles of clothing and accessories on the Phany's website, you cannot deny their ultimate style.

What Makes Our Leggings So Amazing?

When you slip on a pair of leggings, you expect a high degree of comfort. You want the stretchy fabric to hug your curves without sagging, bagging, or binding anywhere. We have developed these hand sewn leggings from four-way stretch fabric that combines polyester and spandex in the perfect ratio for a comfortable fit.

Everything about the kente cloth and mud-cloth patterned leggings focuses on feeling and looking great. With long-lasting dye, you do not have to worry about fading or discoloration. With microfiber yarn, you can forget about loss of elasticity over time.

When you go out for a jog or a shopping trip, you need a convenient way to carry your keys and wallet, too. Consider a matching polyester fanny pack with comfortable, adjustable straps, and secure zipper closure.

If you want to combine your love of leggings with the style inspired by gorgeous African traditional textiles, the Phany's selection will never let you down.

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