Show Your Style With Kente or Mudcloth Pattern Men's Shorts

Show Your Style With Kente or Mudcloth Pattern Men's Shorts

Phanydesigns AdminAug 14, '19

Says only women get intricate patterns and bright colors for their summer fashion? Phany's carries a luxury line of African-inspired shorts suitable for a day at the beach, relaxing at home, going for a jog, or enjoying a casual social hang out with friends. All eight exciting patterns come in sizes XS to 3XL to suit a wide range of men who love the kente cloth and mud cloth styles.

What's So Great About These Shorts?


Even if you ignore the amazing patterns and colors for a moment, you will see that these men's shorts offer a wealth of benefits for any man who loves comfort and fashion. Each pair is hand sewn by experts who take care to create only the best quality clothing items. They are made from a perfect combination of easy-care polyester and elastane for comparable stretch.


Not only do these fitness shorts have a comfortable elastic waist with adjustable drawstring, they also feature side pockets and the comfort of four-way stretch. Due to the material chosen to create these long shorts, they also double as quick-dry swimsuits. The versatility can carry you throughout the day.

Traditional African Patterns Add Interest


Besides simply looking cool, the fabric used to create these comfortable shorts has patterns inspired by kente cloth from Ghana and mud cloth from Mali. While traditional mud cloth is dyed on 100% cotton, this synthetic version suits a man's wardrobe much better.


Check out all the patterns you can get and choose your favorite the next time you make a purchase. When it comes to mud cloth, you can choose Inhale or Exhale with either a black or white background. The diversity of shapes and patterns makes every pair unique.


If you prefer kente cloth style, Phany's offers options such as Balance, Strength, Power, and Diamond. These traditional fabrics are fit for a king. Every stripe and diamond shape tells the story, and the colors chosen all symbolize a traditional African essence.

  • White means festivity and purification
  • Black represents maturity and energy
  • Red is all about sacrifice and different moods
  • Green means growth and harvest
  • Blue stands for peace and love
  • Gold represents riches, royalty, and status

Are you a couple? How about matching them with either our women statement swimsuits or 4-way stretch leggings?

When you purchase a pair of these men's shorts, you are getting so much more than amazing comfort and high quality fabrics and construction. You are getting a unique blend of traditional and modern style that suits your every day.


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