The Most Important Wish for 2020 and beyond!

The Most Important Wish for 2020 and beyond!

Phanydesigns AdminJan 7, '20

2019 is gone and wishes for the new year 2020 are pouring in from left and right. The believers in vision boards already have their boards up! We wish for successful businesses, job promotions, financial breakthroughs, and... good health! Oh wait, did I say good health? Yes, somehow we manage to insert good health somewhere amid all those "Big" wishes and dreams. But how much do we still truly believe that being healthy is the most important thing to wish for and how much do we plan and work for it? 

Over the past week, I became more conscious of the importance of being healthy. On New Year's Eve, my husband and I had to take our two-year-old daughter to the hospital for a coughing attack. My entire household (Husband, daughter, and brother) caught a severe cold and had been sick since Christmas Day.

"I have a very sick patient coming. I might be very busy in case you don't see me often", the nurse said as my daughter was undergoing treatment. It was already past 11 pm. Shortly after his notice, the patient was brought in and could hardly breathe, despite all the oxygen devices. Around 11:20 pm the nurse wanted to know how my daughter was doing, and I said: "very well let's go home"! This made the staff and the other patients laughed, including a 92-year old woman who seriously argued with the doctor when she was told that she would have to spend the night in the hospital. Well, it was obvious that I had no intention of entering a new year in the hospital. I am sure you can guess how many times I was checking that watch! We were discharged right before midnight but we left the hospital around 12:10 am. Even as we were being discharged, more patients were being brought in. 

Growing up, the popular wishes our parents would exchange was "good health, if we are healthy, everything else will follow". For the first time in my adult life, that statement has never been that meaningful. As we were reflecting on how we spent the New Year's Eve, my husband said, and it is true, "we wanted to leave the hospital because we had the choice. Others, like that patient who could not breathe, did not have the choice. Being at home or church on the first day of the year was far from being their concern. Their sole desire was to be able to breathe. How much do we take this for granted! How much are we always in pursuit of more? How much do we let ourselves get caught in the "what's next circle"? How much do we forget to take the time and enjoy the moment? And how much do we forget that being able to breathe is already a miracle, the ultimate blessing? 

Today, beyond a simple wish, our parents' statement carries the very essence of self-care and gratitude. Yes to hard work, successful businesses and job promotions, but let's remember to also enjoy every moment and take care of ourselves.

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From all of us at Phany's,

Healthy New Year 2020! 

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